If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


“My two-year-old son really enjoyed his visit to the dentist. There was a clean play area with lots of toys to occupy him while we waited to be called back. His hygienist was so good with him that he let her get a full teeth cleaning in. The dentist was wonderful, and took her time to chat with us about any questions that we had. Overall, the office was run very well.” — Kelly B.

“They are amazing!! My little one has had some really bad experiences with previous dentists so he gets really anxious. They know just how to talk to children in the right way that keeps them calm yet informs them of what is going on. The treasures at the end really make them feel special too. Highly recommended!!” — Ramie K.

“My girls look forward to going to the dentist. They teach them how to take better care of their teeth and reward them for doing so. My girls are always newly recharged to take good care of their teeth. At this last visit their teeth were dyed so they could see any spots they were missing. My girls loved seeing this. Always fun going to the dentist.” — Casey M.

“I always love how pleasant the staff is, front desk as well as all the dental staff, hygienists, dental assistants, and of course Dr. Sue; they make my daughter feel calm and happy. We love this office.” — Susan L.

“Clean, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere, which allows children to relax. Dr. Carla Abboud is my daughter’s favorite, she has been our doctor since my child was 12 months old and we love her, she is very patient, kind, professional, and outstanding knowledgeable with her work! My daughter is now 3 years old and she is very consistent every day on having me and husband brushing her teeth every morning, and she will not go to bed even if she is exhausted before having her teeth cleaned (brushing and flossing together). We have learned so much from Dr. Carla, she is the best doctor! Her work is very educational, and her love is very contagious. My daughter loves her and her team, which makes our dental visits more pleasant! Everyone is so friendly there and they always call ahead of time for appointment reminder! Great for parents that have busy schedules!” — Niritiana A.

“Our three-year-old daughter had her first cleaning yesterday, and the technician prepared her for every step along the way, with use of playful directives so that she understood what was going on and was at ease. Plus, she got to watch Finding Nemo through it all, chose toys and stickers from the prize box once she was done. My two boys also had cleanings, so I had three kids in two different stations, and felt at ease moving from room to room to see how they were doing, and was able to speak with the technicians and Dr. Sue during the process. The staff kindly challenge our kids to be proactive about their dental health and offer handy advice to parents to help them maintain a daily regimen. It’s evident that they enjoy what they do.” — Candice M.

“We love everyone here and Dr. Neri! My kids never hesitate to see the dentist and love learning about how to take care of their teeth. We always recommend you!” — Grace L.

“Our visit today was amazing. We love the staff! They are so professional, friendly, and fun! We actually look forward to our dentist appointments here, which makes Mom’s life so much easier!” — Mishel M.

“Dr. Stephanie has been a great addition to the Newbury Park Dentistry team! I love how she not only cleans/examines my teeth and gums but makes sure my jaw and surrounding muscles look good too. She is very thorough and makes you feel comfortable. Every time Dr. Stephanie does my exam, I am so satisfied!” — Nikki H.